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Cascades of Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Beach

The Terrace at Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac - Ground Floor

Villa Ratac Yacht Mooring

Presidential Apartment at Villa Ratac

Apartment Oliva at Villa Ratac

Palms in front of Villa Ratac

View from the Villa Ratac

Villa Ratac

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  Welcome to Villa Ratac

   Welcome to the pages of Villa Ratac. A unique property with 8 apartments located on one of the most beautiful seas of the world called Adriatic sea. Near the city of Dubrovnik, the medieval pearl of the seas, today a global destination we founded our Villa Ratac for families, couples and friends seeking paradise on the Mediterranean. Our beach, crystal clear sea and sea view apartments are here to make your vacation a real experience, with many tastes, colours and sounds of the sea. Take a moment and use our web site to discover a part of the Villa Ratac experience, a little view how your vacation can look like. Please send us your enquiries, comments or any other thoughts through our contacts page and we will be glad to answer all your emails.



Our beautiful 8 apartments are designed to accommodate from 2 to 8 persons. All of the apartments are specially configured for various styles of vacation oriented towards summer and sea sports, the villa is a perfect place for sea lovers. The sunshine here is virtually all day as from the moment the sun comes out in the morning to the seconds it falls down in the sunset, our guests enjoy the sun and the picture of the sunset is often watched from our balconies. We love the summer and our place is what summer is all about in Croatia.



   Nearby Dubrovnik, the most beautiful town of Croatia and with Venice the only globally recognized destination on the Adriatic sea this area is known for the best locations of the Mediterranean sea. 20 miles from the Old Town of Dubrovnik, enough to locate the cleanest parts of the Adriatic sea, unspoiled nature and untouched beaches. We are proud to write we are what Mediterranean used to be. Besides Dubrovnik, nearest town is Slano, followed by Ston a truly world known oyster center, today gastronomical center of the area.
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