It takes an hour to get to the border, but it takes a lifetime to understand Montenegro.

This country is so close to Dubrovnik, but again different and every time interesting. The most similar sights are the Kotor Old Town (compared to Dubrovnik Old Town), both mainly built in stone, both under the protection of UNESCO World Heritage Foundation. The only difference besides the architecture and configuration is the size. Kotor is not as big, not as popular, but shows how Dubrovnik was not alone in the past when it comes to beautiful architecture, wealth and life.

You will see that living there 200 years ago is not as bad as we think, except the technology, many aspects were better like politics – elections were basically held every month. Besides the town of Kotor there is also another town very close – it is the Budva Sv. Stefan. Though Sv. Stefan is a spectacular historical sight, today Budva is more popular because of nice restaurants, cafés and a beach, probably the biggest beach on the Adriatic simply called Slovenian beach.

The Riviera of Budva also hosts many casinos, hotels and yachts but also little crazy things like parasailing or tube driving from fast speedboats. Montenegro is a true country of contrasts, with many historical traditions confronting modern visions of this young country, it is hard to say what will prevail, so our best option is to see it now before it gets totally changed.