Cheese & Wine

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Paški sir from the island of Pag is the most famous – a hard, piquant cheese with a taste somewhere between Parmesan and mature cheddar; sir sa vrhnjem (cream cheese) is a milder alternative. Kulen, a spicy, paprika-laced sausage from Slavonia, is another local delicacy. Soups (juha) are usually clear and light and served with spindly noodles, unless you opt for the thicker krem-juha (cream soup).cheese pršut

One starter that is stodgy enough to serve as a main course is štrukli, a pastry and cheese dish which is common to Zagreb and the Zagorje hills to the north. It comes in two forms: kuhani (boiled) štrukli are large parcels of dough filled with cottage cheese, while for pečeni (baked) štrukli the dough and cheese are baked in an earthenware dish, resulting in a cross between cheese soufflé and lasagne.