The Place

Villa Ratac is named simply after Ratac which is the place with highest number of sunny days in region of Dubrovnik. The name Ratac is many centuries old as the place was known as a wine growing region producing best quality wines for the nobility of the old Dubrovnik Republic. Today the Ratac area is known for many villas and houses located directly on the sea with completely open sea view and sunshine all the day. Known for its sunny side, the Ratac area is open for swimming also during the winter. Though the swimming season ends in November, there are many locals that wait for sunny days in winter during January when the temperature during the day can be up to 25 Celzius, enough for a jump into the sea. The real swimming season again starts in May when temperatures are nice, a little hot, but not too hot, perfect for holidays. 1st of May is the time when vacationers come again to Ratac to enjoy the sea and the sun every day. Because of its seasonal life the area of Ratac is known as a place for holidays with people coming here from all over the world.